Culture Incorporated is a 501(c)3 committed to delivering personal and professional results, through creative, cutting edge strategies.


The Culture Incorporated Team will use our collective, creative powers to seek out and seize opportunities to change the world by improving the quality of life for everyone we encounter along the way. We sew seeds of hope, love, and self acceptance through coaching, workshops, retreats, and classes that break the chains of depression, transcend victimhood, eliminate fear and self-limiting beliefs.


Through creative and therapeutic workshops, transformational assignments, motivational performances and  strategic planning sessions, we give you the tools you need to maximize your personal and professionl relationships. We provide you with methods to put in place through which you can achieve the abundance you deserve. We work with you to create your bounty step by step.

Alice Aida Ayers

I am a performance artist, the author and director of the one woman show and workshop, “It’s Me I’m Running From” My skills in teacher training, motivational speaking, visualization coaching, and art therapy, were the foundation of opening Creative Solutions Zanzibar, and co-founding Creative Solutions Mexico.  My career has involved performing and facilitating in America, Germany, Mexico, and seven countries in Africa, serving as a resident artist in theatre, visual art, poetry, and an adjunct professor. I've has contracted out as an artist in education since 1990, and conducted residencies in over 250 schools, colleges, community centers and libraries for audiences and students. As an arts activist, I have been on the forefront of implementing arts programming in multiple disenfranchised communities. 

Tony Wilson

Th author of the book, You Are Enough

which is about understanding the power of thought and to move on from the events of the past and to begin creating the future that they desire.  hold a BA in Elementary Education from Central College, a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and a Bachelors Degree in Holistic Health Sciences from the International Quantum University of Integrated Medicine. I co-founded Central City Development Corporation, a non-profit dedicated to providing education and training to bring about personal and professional transformation.  I am coordinator of the offender re-entry program at Des Moines Area Community College, working with men and women returning to the community from the correctional system. I worked for Iowa Health System where he was the coordinator of the Neighborhood Health Initiative, working with diverse populations, helping individuals to access the health care system. 

Rachel Rockwell

My business development work started with my training as a certified E-Myth Business Coach with E-Myth. l have facilitated individual and group training with over 50 small business owners, CEO’s, and managers to help build their businesses and create better lives for owners and employees. I continue to coach business owners and non-profit leaders and take absolute pride in the development of relationships that facilitate business growth.  How it Works You and I will work together to design a plan of action that will propel you and your business forward to achieve specific results.  Our coaching sessions will support you in fine-tuning your skills for prioritizing, delegating, solutions thinking, systems thinking and accountability.  Along the way, you will hone other key leadership skills such as research, project planning and quantifying results.   Measuring progress and exploring barriers to achieving goals will be a key part of the coaching relationship.